configc is a collection of tools for network engineers

The main tool is a configuration parser. Instead of using Notepad or other text editors, it's purpose-built for networking.

There's also an access-list evalulator to test packets against access-lists.

How does it work?

Just start typing and it goes right to work.

JavaScript that's run right in your browser—IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome, any common OS on any device with a large-enough screen—parses it and gives its opinion.

Your configuration workspace is saved to your device—not to a cloud service. You stay in control of your data and your passwords.

It supports configurations from Cisco IOS/IOS XE devices, for common features, especially those used in enterprise/corporate networks.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. Well, maybe one catch: it's not Free Open Source Software: You can use it, and even see a compiled version of what makes it work, but not re-host it or change it. Let me get it working well before I open it up.

When will it support my favorite feature?

Tell me what you're looking for.

I'm getting an error about not being able to save configurations. Why?

Your browser's privacy settings or the use of private browsing mode may prevent saving of configurations. To save configurations, disable these privacy settings or don't use private browsing.

Need more?

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